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Guardianship: A Legal Solution Sometimes Needed For Minors And Incapacitated Adults

Does a member of your family or someone else whom you watch out for need protective care? They may need legal protection as a minor or as an adult with a clinically diagnosed condition that prevents them from making decisions or communicating clearly regarding their health and safety. Or they may need someone to manage only their financial affairs. A guardianship or conservatorship may be the legal solution you are looking for.

Guardianships and conservatorships in Massachusetts are handled through the Probate and Family Court. A guardianship may be procured for the care of an incapacitated adult or for a child. A conservatorship allows for the management of a protected person’s property as authorized by the court. In either case, an attorney’s guidance through all steps of the legal process can increase the chances of a successful resolution.

Our Family Law Attorneys Assist Massachusetts Residents Seeking Guardianships

You may be a parent or parents trying to make sure an adult child with autism is taken care of. Or, you may be an adult child trying to take care of your parent or parents who are experiencing cognitive decline. Working with one or more lawyers at Watson Dalton LLC can make the legal processes easier and reduce your stress.

Get the counsel you need as you prepare to seek the court’s approval for a guardianship or conservatorship for the young person or an incapacitated adult about whom you are concerned. At Watson Dalton LLC, you will find the comprehensive, customized legal counsel that you need to pursue this legal remedy effectively for the vulnerable individual who is in need of legal protection.

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