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Need Help With Your Child’s IEP?

Every student deserves an education, and a learning disability or physical disability should never stand in the way. An Individualized Education Program, or IEP, serves as a roadmap for a child’s special education. Unfortunately, getting an IEP for your child can be challenging. Even after an IEP is established, there may be hurdles in having your child’s school implement it correctly.

At Watson Dalton LLC in Topsfield, our attorneys bring more than two decades of experience to special education law matters. We stand up for children with special needs and work hard to see that they get the education they deserve.

Getting An IEP For Your Child

Are you just beginning the process? We can assist with requesting an evaluation through the school to get your child an Individualized Education Program. This is a formal but relatively straightforward process. However, by having us onboard at this early stage, we may be able to reduce the chances of issues arising along the way.

If you have already requested an IEP and the school has denied it, we can help. This may involve gathering supporting documentation and requesting an appeal of the denial, or potentially seeking a private evaluation through a party other than the school. The same is true if your child’s IEP was approved, but you do not believe it is appropriate for your child’s special needs.

Making Sure Your Child’s IEP Is Working

In order for an Individualized Education Program to be effective, it has to be followed. Often, following an IEP may involve additional work, time and cost for the school. Schools may try to cut corners. That might mean not providing the required tutors, special education teachers or classroom environment. If you believe the school is not following your child’s IEP, we can help see that it is enforced. Our commitment is to making sure that your child gets the best possible education.

Learn More About How We Can Help

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