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For over 35 years, Attorney Watson has represented people in family law disputes, including divorce, post-divorce modification, custody, removal, alimony, child support and complex property division. In addition, he has also represented people and businesses in litigation, particularly concerning real estate and disputes over wills and estates.

Attorney Watson has represented people in thousands of such cases. Though the vast majority of these disputes have been settled by agreement, others have not. He has found that, while resolution of a case in the courts can be wrenching, lengthy, and expensive, it does not have to be so. With careful preparation, experience, thorough knowledge of the law, a calm demeanor, respectful relationships with other attorneys and the courts, and empathy toward his clients, he can and does deliver to his clients a fair, open and understandable process that allows them to achieve financial security so that they and their loved ones can move forward with their lives.

He practices primarily in the Middlesex County, Essex County and Rockingham County Probate & Family and Superior Courts.