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Splitting Up Marital Assets In Your Massachusetts Divorce

Legally speaking, property division is at the core of every divorce. That is, your divorce will result in a new assignment of ownership of all that previously made up your marital assets.

Divvying up property such as furniture and pots and pans should be straightforward since each of you can just carry away whatever is yours to take. More complex assets such as real estate and brokerage accounts can be much trickier to divide. Complications and disagreements can prolong your divorce.

An attorney who is truly on your side will do all that they can to facilitate an efficient, equitable allocation of assets without leaving you both destitute. At Watson Dalton LLC, you will find a lawyer with high principles and more than 25 years of experience. Our attorneys are skilled litigators as well as zealous advocates of their clients.

Which Assets Are High On Your List Of Priorities?

Your divorce may require the division of the following assets, among others:

  • Your 401(k)s, IRAs and other retirement accounts
  • Real estate, including your marital home, vacation home(s), rural properties, commercial real estate and investment properties
  • Vehicles, boats and recreational items, such as campers
  • Jewelry, musical instruments, firearms, tools and other collectibles
  • Timeshares, cyber currency and other assets that may be offshore and/or difficult to locate and quantify
  • One or more businesses and/or interests in businesses
  • Intangible but valuable assets such as intellectual property and business goodwill
  • Complex executive compensation plans that may include payouts years in the future

In Massachusetts, marital property is subject to “fair and equitable division.” This does not necessarily mean you and your spouse deserve 50-50 of all assets. The big picture of your marriage will help determine what a family judge will expect to see in your property division settlement agreement. The importance of anticipating your judge’s approval or disapproval is a strong reason to work with an experienced divorce attorney from the start.

To Schedule A Consultation About Property Division In Your High-Asset Divorce

Get a sense of direction and put your mind at ease by clarifying your priorities and mapping out a reasonable path to the completion of your Massachusetts divorce. You may be surprised to consider the total value of your marital estate once it is all properly appraised and added up. Your financial security and even that of your children may be heavily impacted by the outcome of your divorce.

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