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Will You Need To Use A Forensic Accountant To Document Your Spouse’s Hidden Assets?

Are you concerned about the possibility that your spouse is hiding assets? If you have noticed unusual financial activity, this may suggest that your spouse is hiding assets so that they will not be included for division during your divorce. To determine what is really happening with all marital assets under your spouse’s control, work with an experienced trial lawyer who can protect your rights in a Massachusetts divorce.

The legal team at Watson Dalton LLC firm partners with forensic accountants. The advantage of using forensic accounting is to make sure you get your rightful share of marital assets.

How Forensic Accounting May Protect Your Future Financial Stability

Don’t let yourself be shortchanged when it comes to property division. Your financial security, standard of living, retirement goals, and possibly, your ability to provide for your children, may all be at stake. Work closely with an experienced, dedicated divorce lawyer to protect your rights and future.

It is important to get a full inventory of assets before and during the divorce. Do not just tell yourself you can sue if you find evidence of other assets after the divorce is complete. Divorce decrees are rarely revised. Taking your ex-spouse to court after your divorce over the discovery of hidden assets can be very costly as well as risky. It is critical to get all assets accounted for before your divorce decree is finalized. Forensic accounting can help accomplish this important goal.

Consult With A Divorce Attorney With Deep Knowledge Of Property Division Complexities

Your concerns about your divorce and property division deserve close scrutiny – especially if your spouse may have been hiding assets.

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