Collaborative Divorce - The Simple Divorce Option in Topsfield


A Collaborative Divorce differs from traditional divorce litigation in several important ways. From the outset all parties commit to reach an out-of-court settlement. This commitment is crucial to the process as it aligns the intentions of all concerned. Going forward when obstacles are reached, Collaborative professionals are trained to act as a team and to assist each other in moving forward through difficult decision-making situations. This means you and your spouse retain full control over the decisions of your case rather than asking a judge to make important decisions affecting your future and the future of your children.

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Protect Your Privacy by Choosing a Simple Divorce

In a Collaborative Divorce, all discussions are private, and only a limited number of documents are filed with the court after both parties have agreed to their content. This practice limits the amount of personal information later available as publicly accessible records.

How to Avoid a Costly Divorce Litigation in Topsfield

The major advantages of a Collaborative Divorce include the practice that all conversations take place in a cooperative private atmosphere focused on finding resolution and solving problems without the threat of litigation derailing the process. The attorneys and coaches involved are uniquely trained to intervene in the management of roadblocks that may otherwise prevent a settlement. Lastly, all experts retained work for both parties, which avoids an expensive “battle of the experts” seen from time to time in traditional divorce litigation in Topsfield.

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