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At Watson Dalton LLC, we offer comprehensive solutions and effective, thoughtful guidance that will help you thrive in the next stage of life. Whether you’re going through divorce or planning for your future, you can count on us.

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Estate Planning, Wills and Trusts

Estate Planning, Wills And Trusts

Divorce And Estate Planning FAQs

Divorce And Estate Planning FAQs

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Let Us Shed A Light On The Divorce Process

Going through divorce can seem like walking through a dark tunnel. You don’t always know where you’re headed or how to get there, but you must keep moving forward anyway. Let us shed a light on your situation.

Our legal team has helped hundreds of individuals navigate divorce and improve their situations. We can help you define what the next stage of your life will look like while answering questions about child custody, visitation, asset division and more. We will guide you down the path that makes the most sense based on your needs, whether that means collaborative divorce, mediation or trial. From your biggest issues to your smallest concerns, Watson Dalton LLC can bring clarity to the divorce process.

Estate Planning With Long-Term Goals

Some people think an estate plan is a document that, once written, won’t need to be reviewed until after they pass away. However, this isn’t true. As your assets grow and your life changes, your estate plan should be updated to fit your circumstances. At Watson Dalton LLC, we won’t just help you write an estate plan; we can help you keep it updated throughout your lifetime. We work hard to build trusting relationships with our clients because we want them to know that protecting their legacy and their family is our primary concern. Whether you have a complex set of assets or want to establish a legal, simple will, we can create a plan to suit your needs.

Representing Doctors, Business Owners And Other Professionals

Ending a marriage is rarely easy, but when significant assets are involved, divorce can be particularly challenging. Issues can range from dividing the value of a professional practice to maintaining an accustomed standard of living.

At Watson Dalton LLC, we represent a broad array of high-asset individuals and their spouses. We partner with business valuation experts and forensic accountants to help safeguard our clients’ financial stability and promote their long-term success.

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